It’s a grand way of saying that we’re here whenever and wherever you need us. And it begins before your program is even up and running.

Laying the foundation

Our implementation team is situated around the world. They’re multilingual and they know the ins and outs of their market, from the regulatory landscape to common payment methods. It’s their job to lay the foundations of your program and – alongside your global account manager – to keep it running smoothly.

“We chose Radius because we liked its flexibility, pro-activeness and professionalism and our decision has paid off many times over. Radius has helped us harness control of our travel program through consistently good service and strong multinational and local account management.”

Jon Cotton, Lubrizol

Central expertise in data and management

Radius Travel’s unique network supports you at every level, from big central decisions to on-the-ground emergencies. Because we design and manage your program centrally, fragmentation is never an issue.

You can see where your travelers are at any time, just as you can with a big-brand TMC. Through your global account manager, you’ll have access to data, policy and reporting experts, offering help on everything from incremental savings opportunities to major policy updates. Whatever changes your program needs to go through, we’ll be there to help you define and deliver them.

Support on the ground

Think of our agency members as local hosts. They aren’t satellite offices of a global TMC. They’re market-leading experts in their region, in some cases with generations of experience.

When your travelers need advice or assistance – whether it’s a missed flight, a last-minute itinerary change, a security threat or just a dinner recommendation – they don’t have to go through a central account manager. They have a direct line to a professional, in-the-know local agent. Which means you can be confident they’re in the best possible hands.