Let’s dispel one myth right away: managing your program through a network does not mean fragmented data. If we aren’t giving you consolidated data, we aren’t doing our job – after all, you can’t run a cost-effective travel program without oversight of the numbers.

Fine detail and fresh ideas

Demand for data has never been higher. If you’re a travel manager today, you’re continually balancing cost, safety, policy and sustainability pressures. You expect to have it all at your fingertips: traveler locations, itinerary details, expense reports, even carbon footprints. That’s exactly what our model delivers.

We capture complete itinerary details, traveler profile information, off-GDS transactions and more, and we clean and standardize that data for you. Then we make it available to you in an intuitive, easy-to-use reporting format, through our Radius IQ tool.

Together, we use this data to monitor your company’s global travel spending and optimize your program by:

  • Seamlessly reviewing and comparing data from around the world.
  • Reviewing data at the level you need – global, country, product or traveler level.
  • Making decisions with confidence knowing your data is complete.
  • Quickly seeing where your travel dollars are being spent – and making adjustments.
  • Considering “what if” scenarios to optimize your travel guidelines.

Now you can focus your time on making actionable decisions, instead of worrying about how the data will get to you.

Rigor at the agency level

Our approach to data starts on the ground. Simply put, if an agency can’t deliver data, it can’t join our network. Every partner has been vetted on its data capabilities and is monitored to ensure they provide accurate, consolidated data to all their Radius Travel clients.

Data consolidation and centralized planning

How do we make this work? That’s down to our account management and data management teams.

We’re not a one-size-fits-all TMC – when you work with us, we spend months understanding your requirements, identifying the right technology and agency partners, and applying your data and reporting standards. So when it’s time to flick the switch, you have all the data benefits with all the transparency and local expertise of a network.